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Zhenye Aquatic (Huilong) Ltd. was established in 2005, located in 1 Mt Yinzhou, Green Rd. Huilong,Gaoyao,Zhaoqing,Guangdong, China. The total investment of our company has been RMB115 million. We are a standardized processing and export plant for fresh water and salt water aquatic products. Our plant is well equipped with 8 production lines,5 individual quick frozen lines, 3 ultra low temperature liquid nitrogen quick frozen lines, 2 quick frozen workshops and 5,400 cubic meters low-temperature storage. Our plant can produce more than 3,600 tons raw material fish every month, which equals to about 68 containers Our company is specialized at processing raw aquatic products and also focuses on researching, developing and processing ready-to-cook aquatic products.Our raw aquatic products are frozen channel catfish (fillets), tilapia fish (fillets), japanese spotted sea bass fish(fillets) , red drum fish(fillets) and catfish fish-by products such as catfish bladder, catfish nuggets, catfis...


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  • Add :No.5 Songyuan, District 77, Xin'an Avenue, Duanzhou, Zhaoqing, Guangdong China 526040

  • Tel :+86-758-2312 811


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